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Download and install

Download the crudo distribution packages. Package includes

  • Crudo web lib jar.
  • Crudo plugin.
  • Blank project.
  • Docs.
  • web-lib and plugin javadocs
Place the plugin in the eclipse plugin directory and the crudo-web-lib jar in your WEB-INF/lib war folder. Your web app should have faces, facelets, and tomahawk configured. In order to use tomahawk with facelets you will need to install tomahawk-facelets.jar from the facelets-tomahawk project. You can use the crudo blank project or download and install all the dependencies (check the resources information). You also need to supply a JTA persistence unit named "default".


Crudo needs a JSF project properly configured with facelets. It also needs the facelets-tomahawk library, in order to use the tomahawk components.