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Crudo is a CRUD model generation project. Technologies used include Java Server Faces, Facelets, Hibernate Entity Manager, JPA 3.0. Crudo is composed by a simple web framework, a reflection tool to extract the information from the domain objects and the generator plugin that generates the code.

Current situation

The tool is in its early development cycle. Even thought,it might be quite useful for prototyping and proof of concepts. Currently we are interested in tests participation. We encourage you to send as much information as possible using email or the sourceforge website.

News : Crudo 2 Alha 01 expected in Q1 2010 Read about the next release of the crudo plugin.

How does it works

You start by supplying an JPA pojo class and the faces-config file location. The plugin will recognize the fields marked as persistence columns, and will produce two files. One is the source xml file, which has the information about the fields. The other is the generated xhml file. The tool generates too the faces-config beans definitions. At this point you should be able to run the default CRUD logic by pointing to the web page url.