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CRUD02 first apha is out [JAN/11]

Today I have uploaded the first alpha version of the new plugin. Lots of details should be worked in the next months. The new version shows the base of the new modelling interface. In the next month we will change from a single page model to a more usual multipage navigation model.

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Crudo 2 Alha 01 expected in Q4 2010

Firs release of the second version of the crudo plugin is expected in the beguinning of fourth quarter of 2010. The second release will have big improvements in the user interface. It will be a full modelling solution based on the eclipse RCP and IBM Draw2d library.

The first version will be an alpha release. We spect that, while still unestable it will be as usefull as the previous release. First version of the CRUDO plugin reached more than 800 downloads, still in beta and without any publicty efforts.

June 2009 - 500 Downloads

Beta release reaches 500 Downloads.

Beta 01

  • Crudo source.xml schema.
  • Unique entities.
  • First documentation release.
  • Better combos and documentation.
  • Website.


We´ve reached more than 200 downloads, still in alpha release.


  • Some Converter support.
  • Table headers.
  • JPA Bug fixes.


We´ve reached more than 100 downloads, still in alpha release.


  • Internationalization assistance (default keys written to in the target folder).
  • Boolean data type / checkbox.
  • Better Documentation.
  • Default CSS file.
  • Avoid overwrite default template and css file.
  • Avoid overwrite of source.xml file.
  • Limited combo support.


First release.

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